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Spent the majority of today just picking up the phone and connecting with all my players and staff.  (Only took a break for food/drink and a Live Learning! ?Just the essentials!! ?).

I’m extremely happy I did it.  Honestly, of course it is exhausting for us making 20 calls but that one call for them has more impact than you can imagine.  You can tell by the end of the call and their appreciation for the call at the end.  If you also have some great questions ready it can give you a real insight into how they are doing and feeling given our circumstances!  A nice snapshot on their take on everything to open up some rich conversations.

I’ve created a connection log which just audits the guys I’ve spoke too, couple notes from call so then I can follow it up next time.  One of the best days I’ve had since being forced to work from home!  

So @TJ Rosene @Lisa O’Meara and key 5 family…. Massive snaps for this challenge and encouragement!!  Nice reminder that it is person before the player… just reach out and connect!!   Looking forward to more.

Leadership is a full time gig, we are always on show, they won’t remember what you said… but they will remember how you made them feel!