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Right before the pandemic began, I spoke with @Kelli Josephsen on the phone and it convinced me to buy the Stages system for a year and try it out.  I had a plan like @Nelson Handel to use it with all of my students that are at home but here in our state we are under dead period protocol so we can’t really give them any feedback.  So my 9 y/o and my 7 y/o have been my guinea pigs using this system.  With that in mind for anyone interested I will give you a couple of things I really like.

1.  There are very clear instructions and a good example on each video so that even if you are in a situation as I am you can be assured that your students will be able to understand what is being asked of them.

2.  There are very clear expectations for what is required for completion, but also some leeway for coaches to make it more difficult.  They give you what it takes to complete, for example one drill might say complete without any mistakes.  Mistakes can be relative to the age group that you are working with.  Working with my high school athletes before our dead period began I gave almost no mercy at all for mistakes.  If they were doing a pound dribble drill and the ball drifted too far one way or the other we would fail them because with them every drill we do we are trying to build some type of mental toughness and focus in it.  With my two little ones though, it is more about giving them something to enjoy while also developing skill, so there is definitely some room to work in there.

3.  It promotes a Growth Mindset.  You have something tangible that you can go to any kid on your team and show them how they have improved.  Any tool that we have that helps us do that I believe is a positive.  

Negative – The website is a little buggy right now.  They are fixing to send out a new update that will be fixing a lot of the bugs on there.