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i like all the above things, so i’ll just add some little intangible “Offensive Principles” that are tough to defend:

1. Offensive Patience. we are an up-tempo, pressing team and when teams are able to defeat the pressure and just relax and run their stuff in the halfcourt that can be tough. They understand basketball is a game of runs and they aren’t speeding up because they may be on the wrong side of the run. 

2. Offensive Intelligence. along with patience, I think the other thing we have troubles with are High IQ teams. they easily defeat any zone traps or zone sets and can diagnose the defense and react. 

3. Composure. similar to the above. teams just are composed at the end of quarters. Hold the ball for the last shot every time and execute a nice play to finish the quarter with a basket. They rarely seem to be in a hurry to get the last shot off. Everyone knows what to do as the clock is running down.