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i am “foul with under 7 seconds” vote. But interestingly, we decided at the beginning of the season that we would Foul, but between our 9th grade and Varsity teams, it never came up the entire season. it was either tied or only up 1 or 2. 

i agree that you need to teach how to foul, but also agree that it is so rare that it may be useless to waste too much practice time on it. 

I think it might come down to your style of play…we are uptempo, so maybe the slower Virginia-type teams find themselves in these situations more?

I really like the idea of yelling out to FOUL but your team knows you are NOT fouling. i might go with that concept next season and have our guys just stunt out at the guys at midcourt. Yes, the refs could mess that up. so i’m wondering if i could warn them somehow prior to yelling it out?

i’m also not sure you can make that blanket decision prior to the season. we decided we would foul, but as the season progressed our “Bigs” were terrible FT rebounders, so we would have been better off not fouling. we were so much better with our small ball lineup. 

always an interesting discussion.