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for BLOBs, we use the same formation  1-4 Low, and we run them all to score. they all look similar and have screen-the-screener type actions. 

and we only use 3 sets — ODD, EVEN, ZERO

we never call out the play. it is based on the last number on the timer. So if there is 5:09 left – the kids all know to run ODD.

if it’s 58.4 seconds left, then it is EVEN

and if it is 6:30, then it is ZERO .

we don’t slap the ball either. once the ref hands the inbounder the ball, that is the sign to go. 

with 1-4 low, if teams do sit in a 2-3 we usually have a great 3-pt shooter in each corner so we just throw it to them if they are open, instead of running the play. i let the players figure that out.

it makes coaching BLOBs and SLOBs so much easier! obviously, if we want to run a certain action, then i can yell out ‘ODD”…but i rarely do that. 

it is so nice, because how many times are you coaching a player on the bench, not looking at the action and all of a sudden they are like, coach what inbounds play should we run? 

SLOBs don’t happen as much during high school games…so i do have that option, but it is hard to try to score on each of those. so i have mostly just gone to simply inbounding the ball. but we do have an ODD, EVEN, ZERO we use if we are trying to score at the end of the quarter/game.