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i think FT drills are boring and hard to recreate the pressure of games. Here is a game i think has worked well for us…

with 12 players, we divided the team into two teams of 6 (and evened out the shooters by FT percentage). 

each team starts in a line with 2 balls, each players gets 1 FT shot.

First team to make 7-in-a-row wins. (i’d put a time limit on it to start, like 7 minutes or 7-in-a-row).

kids liked it. forced them to hit a pressure FT. we definitely improved as the season went on in the games. we’d play it every practice, more or less.

we either play just one game, or as many games as we can in the 7-minutes. 

(or we’d switch to 3 teams – 4 v 4 v 4 – first team to make 5-in-a-row in 5 minutes (this one was always much easier…we’d get like 3 games in 5 minutes).

***don’t let them cheat the order after the first make. the goal is that EVERY player must make 1, and someone will need to make 2.