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update: my kids did not “leap to the opportunity.” ? To be fair, I put it out there without a lot follow-up, figuring that perhaps 5-6 would bite without prodding, but no go. I attribute this to three things:

1) My program is still new (just completed 2nd year) and I have yet to institute a serious off-season skill development program. I intended to introduce it this year, using Stages as its basis, but…well…you know.

2) without a tradition of off-season development, kids need hands-on teaching to learn how to perform meaningful self-directed workouts. Stages assumes you understand that.

3) because of bugs and the absence of the app, self-directed uptake is difficult. As hard as it is to remember, GenZ is a bit browser-averse. They will surf for info, but everyday web-interactions are less common. I think the App will have a significant positive impact on uptake.

I spoke with Dan about 2 things I think will help, a player-directed video “selling” the system, and the App. He reports that a new back-end platform will be launching very soon, and the app with it. Had no plans for a player video.

So, for me, the jury is still out. My original plan was to hold weekly sessions in which I trained them in its usage, and helped them with their drills, thinking that would jump-start self-directed development. I still believe that’s what’s needed. If my kids were already oriented toward self-development off-season, I think it would have been a great tool in the current (limited contact) circumstances. If my time allows, I may make another push to enroll my kids, with more followup.

I’ll let you know how it goes.