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Hey guys (especially @Tyler Coston )

This post may get lengthy but I’m in need of some help here.

I’m taking over a varsity team this year that, in the state of Michigan, plays Class A ball (biggest schools) but is one of the smallest schools in said class.

So–here’s what I’m working with—-my guys are not SLOW (but def not as fast as much of the competition)–we’re SMALL (biggest guy is 6’2)– I have no true post/post defender. Our basketball IQ is above average, but our skill level (in terms of getting buckets) isn’t what you would expect. We need to control things and take only 7s/8s/9s (pgc shot selection lingo there) to make sure the opposition doesn’t get a lot of shot attempts.  My initial thoughts with this team (it looks the same down the road until we get our 5th and 6th grade classes up) — defensively we would pack it in and make teams beat us by hitting 3s. We’d limit/eliminate as much transition basketball for the opposition as possible, and offensively we would preach shot selection/selflessness and run a true motion offense (R&R with variations and quick hitters) to make sure each time down the floor we were getting that 7/8/9 based on personnel. 

So you’ve got the basics of my team–> so here’s my questions:

1. Based on everyone’s experience here — is there a way to run #LockLeft with this style of team? 

    –I want my team to play smart and be tough to score on. I know my squad will be able to mentally grasp the concept of what we’re doing, but I’m worried that when it comes to playing teams that are mostly all bigger/faster/stronger than us we will buckle if this is an aggressive defense that will speed up the game more. 


2. If the above answer is yes–can you play lock left without a crazy amount of ball pressure initially? Of the 20 games we play I can only think of 4 teams where I would have a controller that would match up well with the other PG. 


Also, if that’s a challenge you’d like to explore @Tyler Coston I’d be willing to let you experiment with my team ?



Any/All feedback and ideas is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!


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