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Kelli, @Kelli Josephsen

Great question and I have run up on that myself. @Sarita Vandernaalt shares great insight and I echo her thoughts along with my learnings/thoughts.

Kelli, Group and Brendan’s original question:

I have 4 different group text chats going with 4 different age groups 14U to 17U..

1) When I have asked specific questions, the engagement is much better.

ex: something as simple and silly as what’s your top5 all-time NBA team?

2) we started zoom calls this week…our first zoom call, I took the approach of “they don’t know what they don’t know”….so I shared with them that SILENCE is powerful and then I framed during our live call that “We have an OPPORTUNITY here”, instead of coming down being overly critical of their lack of engagement on text messages

3) Side-texting with a couple of the leaders to get them to model and show the way is a really good tactic to use that works as Sarita mentioned above

Get better,