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Hi Kelli,

I have 9 returning varsity players (current 9-11th graders) so I’ve tried to stay in fairly frequent contact with them. Like you, when I send out a text I get few, if any, responses so two weeks ago I split the 9 players up into 3 groups of 3 with each group having a leader. They are supposed to check in with each other about anything but especially with workout ideas (basketball, cardio & lifting) that they are doing at home on their own. I also schedule a 30 minute Zoom meeting with each group once a week that includes us coaches.

The first week I emailed a 9 minute video of Sue Bird giving a talk about leadership and then gave the girls 5 or 6 questions that we would discuss. Each player also had to come up with their own question for the group to discuss. The first week went pretty well although I had to ask a lot of follow up questions to get it to be more like a discussion than a question/answer session.

The 2nd week I found the video for the girls to watch but had each of the leaders in each group come up with the questions for their group and lead the discussion. That went really well! In 2 out of the 3 groups I was able to mostly be a “fly on the wall” as the leaders led the discussions. In the 3rd meeting I had to ask a few more follow up questions to get the conversation going. I still had the other 2 girls who were not the leader come up with a question for the group as well.

This week I am mixing up the groups and will have 3 new leaders (1 for each group) and each of the leaders will be in charge of coming up with discussion questions and leading the discussion with their groups. 

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed getting to see / talk to the players since I don’t see them at school and I think they’ve enjoyed getting to chat with each other and us coaches. Just wanted to throw out an idea that has allowed our team to connect during these crazy stay-at-home times. Take care everyone!