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hi @Nate Wade and congrats on the new gig!

Let me ask: is this the first year this team would be running either of these systems?

If so, the first thing I would ask myself is, “how much can these guys learn all at once?” Both the R&R and the LL are systems-based approaches that require players unfamiliar with them to change a lot of the habits they’ve spent their lives learning. Asking guys to change too much too quickly risks losing their buy-in. Its your first year, so they will already have a lot to get used to as you establish your culture and teaching modalities.

If this is a concern, I suggest you put in the R&R first, and let them have some success with it. You’re going to give up a lot of turnovers early, which can be demoralizing, but once the habits and execution gets better, they will have fun running the half-court offense, and you can build on that success. I’d run whatever defense they already know until the new O took root, then begin to install the LL.

Putting the install question aside, I would say the LL is a gambling, high-pressure scheme that thwarts opponents rhythms and creates turnovers. It pays off when you convert those TOs to easy buckets. You MUST pressure the ball, but don’t need to rely on a single defender to stop it. You will give up more straight-line drives then you want, but they will be covered by help and be into spots on the floor that result in lower % attempts by your opponents. Like all Ds, it’s a trade off. We regularly beat bigger, faster teams this year.

As to tempo (PPG), that’s more a function of your transition philosophy than your defense. Since you’re small, you probably want to sacrifice ORs in favor of getting back early in transition, to force opponents into playing in the half-court. In OTrans, you can certainly choose to walk the ball up and execute deliberately in the half court, thus keeping tempo slow. I don’t feel there’s anything about the LL that “speeds you up” (either in tempo or rhythm).

Curious about what others say. This might be its own thread.