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12 hours ago, Nelson Handel said:

hi @Nate Wade and congrats on the new gig!

Let me ask: is this the first year this team would be running either of these systems?

@Nelson Handel This may require a lengthy response. Thank you for the discourse in advance.

I was the JV coach with this program last year. So here is the layout of that group:

OFFENSE: I installed R&R with that Sophomore group. They are a smart and selfless bunch of kids. Amazing teammates with palpable energy. When you walk into a gym with our group you felt it–it was amazing (win or lose).  They learned a lot about how to play the game on O. I did get a little nervous and go into a 3 out/4 out when I really shouldn’t have, but about 3/4 through they really understood how to play to each others strengths… and we started playing the game like we needed to and they were FUN to watch.   

DEFENSE: We started the year out in a high pressure–deny everything 1 pass away–force baseline defense. After 1/3 of the season it was evident that wasn’t working for this group. They’re not that fast and had a hard time from top to bottom were unable to contain the drive from the top. SOO–I got the clearance to change over and we packed it in–pack line defense forcing middle and helping from one pass away. By the end of the year they had some pretty good habits with it, but it still wasn’t where it needed to be (my opinion).

Now this is where it gets tricky–the JR class from last year on varsity.  Offensively the have run the PnR Continuity that everyone is in love with recently, a rag-tag version of 5 out R&R, and lots of sets. Defensively they did the same high-pressure deny everything D as above, the dabbled in pack line for a few weeks, and by the end of the season played a mixture of  a packed in 1-3-1, 2-3, and then would go back to the pressure/deny passes defensively.


Outlook: My incoming JR class (the SOPHs I coached last year) will be the bulk of the playing time. There will be 3-4 SRs (last years JR class) getting significant PT. Of them, I’m confident  3 are running R&R for their travel teams, and are doing well in it. The other one is a very intelligent player that is selfless and learns extremely fast. 

….and there you have it.