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On 3/31/2020 at 3:27 PM, Nelson Handel said:

3) because of bugs and the absence of the app, self-directed uptake is difficult. As hard as it is to remember, GenZ is a bit browser-averse. They will surf for info, but everyday web-interactions are less common. I think the App will have a significant positive impact on uptake.

I spoke with Dan about 2 things I think will help, a player-directed video “selling” the system, and the App. He reports that a new back-end platform will be launching very soon, and the app with it. Had no plans for a player video.

@Nelson Handel seems like we are thinking the same in a lot of areas.


I have done the same—a few of my kids have gotten through Ignition and one is through most of Stage 1… and they’re honest with their feedback. They absolutely HATE using a browser for this type of thing on their phones for workouts.  Mind you, these are kids that are following Rudy B from PGC and doing a lot of his dribbling workouts, taping them, keeping score, sending them to me…. you name it. 

Now, there’s something to be said for them ‘rising up’ to use the Stages system (which I love–I believe in Rick Torbett and the BetterBasketball Community) since using a browser really isn’t THAT much of an obstacle in the grand scheme of life. I’m just of a mind that instead of griping and trying to get them to use a specific platform, I’d rather encourage and celebrate the work that they ARE doing (which is still high quality stuff). 


SIDEBAR—if/when the app gets released I’d love to brainstorm how to integrate Stages into daily practice.  I was given an idea from Rick on a live session this fall, but I’d love to get more ideas/feedback on that as well.