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Good afternoon! I hope everyone is healthy during these tough and challenging times. Like everyone else, we are missing being together with our kids, as spring workouts could have started two weeks ago, but as you know that is not happening. Here is a rundown of what we have put in place for our girls:

High School Teams: 5 Accountability/Leadership Teams – All of our returning players along with incoming frosh are put on one of these five teams. These teams double as leadership training teams and accountability teams. The five other coaches in the program are each responsible for their leadership team, they are using this time to meet using Zoom or Google Hangout with their group to train them in their area of leadership (commitment, communication, team unity, passion and energy, mental toughness). This allows us to continue to work on building the culture of our program…these leadership teams will eventually be presenting their information to the other groups when we have our team camp this summer. In addition, these are accountability groups that we are using to help the girls hold each other accountable during this time. The girls can earn points throughout the week for workouts they complete on their own, and they report their total points to their team leader each Sunday. The team leader then enters these points in a spreadsheet for the coaches and other players to see. By doing this we are trying to create a situation where “players hold players” accountable. Points can be earned for strength training workouts, cardio workouts, footwork/agility workouts, ball handling workouts, shooting workouts as well as game film breakdown. We have set the points for each item based on what we felt was most important for the girls at this point of the season. If we have a longer time apart, we may be changing the point totals assigned to each event to reflect what we feel is important at that point of time. This has worked out really well for us, and we have started using this accountability format for our teams in grades 6-7 as well.

I send out an email each Monday with a list of top individual point totals and team standings, along with some workouts for the next week. In addition the email contains a schedule of when we have scheduled online learnings…we offer 2-3 of these per week. These online learnings deal with the mental/emotional side of the game such as “How to Develop an Elite Confidence” ,  Mental Toughness, Mistake Rituals, etc. At least 1 of the online learnings that we offer our kids includes live game film. For example we use last years game film to show them many of our program philosophies such as our transition offense, zone offense, press offense, defense, etc. The girls earn points for taking part of these online learnings. We offer this to our kids all the way down to 6th grade. The girls must email me and ask for an invite to each session as I want them to take the initiative to take part in these online opportunities. 

This week: Sunday 5:00 pm (Mental Toughness: Commitment), 6:30 (Zone Attack – Concepts to Attack a Zone Defense)

Our young kids (grades 6-8) are doing an amazing job of setting the bar high for everyone…the high school kids actually commented on how they felt like they needed to work out in order to keep up with the “young” kids. I like this because we often stress that we want players to hold each other accountable, but as coaches we often yank that accountability out of their hands when it doesn’t immediately yield the results we want. This was not a huge success at first and the coaches talked about how it was because our kids didn’t know how to hold each other accountable, because someone had always stepped in for them. We cannot do that now and the girls are learning how to step up and lead by holding each other accountable. 

While it is not the same as being together, I feel we have tried to do the best we can with the situation…between the weekly leadership meetings and the girls touching base for workouts, we are staying pretty connected right now. 

This might not work for everyone, but it works for us and our group of players. I would love to hear how you think we can continue to make this better. I will also be happy to share any of these documents with you if you would like to see them.