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On 1/15/2020 at 11:14 AM, Sam Allen said:


What is your overall philosophy and approach for BLOBs (Baseline Out of Bounds) and SOBs (Side-out of Bounds)?

Specific Questions I’d be curious to know:

How many formations do you use? (Box, Diamond, 1-4 high, etc)?

How many sets out of each formation do you have?

Do you try to score or just want a safe inbounds?

How many points per game do you average on BLOBs and SOBs?

For Defense, do you run 100% Zone, 100% man, mix it up, aggressive, straight up?



Overall Philosophy: I want to score/get a quality shot and set my press/defense. 

Formations: I currently use one formation for BLOB and SLOB. I keep the 4 and 5 close to the ball. (at the blocks for BLOB and at the elbows for SLOB)

Sets: I have 3 sets out of each. Each starts the same and has a counter. The first two are very similar and the 3rd is most unique. (Now this is JV ball so I may have to up my game soon/ Also, tons of people in the area have stolen my BLOBs since I have come here)


PPG: Guilty that I do not know this number, need to measure it. 

Defense: I have changed it often. I had a really successful 1-3-1 team and we checked to 1-3-1 on BLOB and SLOB no matter what. We trapped out of our 1-3-1. Have run some switching man to man at times in late game situations or as a changeup/curveball. Rarely do I play it “straight up” I am trying to pressure them or trap them at some point. In my early years I would go 2-3 and then jump when the ball is reversed back to the top of the key and in 1-3-1 I force to the corner and trap.