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I am not fouling.  

For me, it goes against the principles we are coaching everyday.  There are too many variables to deal with and potential outcomes.  We are teaching that we must be defensive minded and limit fouls for the other 39 minutes and 50 seconds of the game….. So therefore we must trust our defence in this moment!  

I just think it is mixed messaging and would rather build a gritty, stopper mentality.  Not to be bailed out by fouling.  Trust your defence and get the job done!  Don’t leave anything to chance or in the hands of officials.  Through my experiences of being in this type of moment a whole bunch of times, I like to force the offence to make an unbelievable play vs great defence.  If it works out, great, if it doesn’t, there is probably a nice teachable moment for the betterment of our defence moving forwards.  No right or wrong, but I would rather win the game with a clean defensive stop!  Building the guys up to be able to do that time and time again… trust your defence!!!