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Thinking about this more deeply, @Tony Brown, more important to me than systems and strategies is simply teaching my players to be tough and calm with the ball. 3-pt contact, pivot 10-2 to own your space, eyes out, sharp elbows, passing out of traps, etc.  I train these skills from day one, long before i teach our press break. until they are calm and confident with the ball, and understand pressure for the defensive gamble (and offensive opportunity) that it is, no system in the world will help them. Here are some drills I use regularly:

  1. Power position
  2. Twist passing (especially important for girls!)
  3. PGC “Get Tough” 1-minute drill
  4. Shaka Smart 3v3 pressure diamond game
  5. 4v4 box trap game
  6. COBA defensive advantage game (1v2,2v3,3v4,4v5 progressive)
  7. Beat the Heat (when I have a big group)
  8. 5v6 and 5v7 full court games

Beating pressure is about mentality–powerful, poised, and patient.