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Hi Aaron, 

Thank you for the warm welcome. It certainly is a small world! I stay in Aberdeenshire, northwest of Dundee (about 3 hrs away). Dundee is actually in our northern section of the Regional Development League for players under the age of 14.

I’d definitely encourage your daughter to get involved as player, coach & official. Female players are particularly wanted! As far, as I am aware, most universities have a team (but think more recreational rather than highly competitive like the USA). Most usually compete in the local senior player competitive league (players over the age of 18).

Dundee also has a very strong club, Madsons. I do believe they are the only one in the city. Their youth teams usually place first in the regional league and fairly highly in national league. I’m sure that she would be enthusiastically welcomed as both a senior player and coach. 

Officials are like gold dust! The pay by Basketball Scotland is pretty poor which makes me suspect that is a primary reason why there are never enough officials. But senior leagues usually pay better and even then officials are thin on the ground. I’m unsure if she would have to requalify in Scotland or whether her previous qualification would be accepted (remember that we play be FIBA rules). I’d encourage her to investigate more. 

It’s a shame she is a bit too far to commute to my neck of the woods. If she ever flits to Aberdeen, please have her get in touch! We’d definitely have space for her in our humble club.  If she has any questions, I’m happy for her to get in touch with me directly and do my best to help. ?