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@Nate Wade Congratulations on your new position!!  Sounds like you have a good offensive foundation established with the members of your JV team. You also seem to have a good grasp of how your team will stack up against your competition. 

One bit of advice I would give you is to coach what you can teach at a high level that gives your team the best chance to be successful. As we all know there are many ways to accomplish the same goal. Example a packed in man and a packed in zone can force your opponents into taking very similar shots albeit in a different way.

Also, study everything you can about the game and reach out to successful coaches in your area and pick their brains all that you can. 

As far as the LL defense. We installed a similar version of it but modified it more to fit our personnel and into more align with our defensive goals. We did not extend our defense much beyond half court because we were not as athletic as most of our opponents. Several of our opponents in our league had college level players and a couple signed major D1. I studied a guy in Canada named Dave Smart and took a lot of his defensive concepts into account. So our defense became a mixture of LL, Dave Smart’s Def, and pack line. As @Nelson Handel stated when you cause players; even very good players to play with their weak hand it can really mess them up and cause them issues. These concepts are easily used in zone defense as well. 

One thing you might consider offensively is trying to run when you can to get some easy baskets and if not then really control the tempo. The hardest thing to do offensively is play 5 on 5. I have been in the same boat several times; have trouble scoring and not as athletic as the opposition. This makes your margin of error very small.     

Good Luck