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@Joe Gonzalez I have found highlight films or clips to be great teaching tools and great builders of confidence. We are limited on places to watch film in our gym, it is usually cramming into my office to watch a computer screen.

Something we have tried over this quarantine period is having my players go back and watch a game and to scout our team. Look for strengths, deficiencies and tendencies. Team wise and individuals wise. We were a very young team last year so anything we can do to improve our knowledge of the game helps. Also, I have allowed my players to ask questions about various coaching strategies within each game. I always try to tell my players up front the “Why” as we are working on things in practice. It was very interesting getting their perspective on some game situations. If we are going to be dissect our team and players then I feel that we as coaches should be included in this process as well. I think it has been very beneficial.

I think I might try next year allowing them to break down the opposition. Instead of just letting them see clips of what we are facing.  Should make for some interesting discussion.