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@Joe Gonzalez

We use HUDL as well and what ive done is put together maybe 10 clips and then given my guys a google form with questions about the clips. Usually its what was the key to that possession? so could be spacing, a good individual play, an action within our offense (we run read n react) was it multiple actions back to back that created the good look, for defensive possessions its are we in the right help positions, did we defend the ball screen correctly, did we have the right rotations. Its a way to see what they think is important and if they are understanding what we are trying┬áto do offensively and defensively as a program. We’ve also given them clips and asked for shot ratings (we use the PGC shooting scale extensively in our program) and ask them to explain why they gave the # they did.

Essentially we try to create an opportunity for them to have to think about the clips and analyze them based on our offensive and defensive principles.

Hope this helps,