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I’m still holding my allegiance with the Hoosiers but for me the culture of college basketball has really changed.  Back in Bobby’s day he had kids from Indiana, Ohio and Illinois and that was pretty much it.  I am pulling for Archie and I like he is recruiting the Indiana kids.  Now I find myself pulling for the game and the coaches that I think are good for the game.  I love Tony Bennett but I was a big fan of his father Dick Bennett.  Their team’s play so disciplined and tough.  Funny how the two have different approaches but get their teams to play pretty similar.  Dick Bennett is a devout Catholic and Tony is a Southern Baptist (Ha).   

I haven’t heard of Eastern High School, do you play East Central?  When I was in school we actually played Jeffersonville and they had a player named Paris Bryant that was a great player coached by a guy named Mark Bixler.  I played against Joe Luce in High School and I think he is coaching down in there somewhere now.