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Nelson, we were an undersized 9th grade boys team and we learned about the tag up rebounding about half way thru the season…what a difference.

I was tired of doing rebounding drills and not havinig it translate in the game action. i heard @Mark Jarram talk about it in a key5 live learning and researched it. 

We sent all 5 to the offensive boards (which usually meant 3-4 in reality). and we went from averaging like 8.5 offensive boards to averaging like 15 offensive boards per game. We had multiple “extra possessions” where we would get 4-5 offensive rebounds in a possession.

We also play full-court man, so it worked wonderfully, especially limiting run-outs, as you are tagging your guy so he can’t run out past you without you knowing it. 

Plus, it only took like 15 minutes to install and an occassional drill to reinforce it. And it also changed the players mindset i think as well. 

i am definitely installing it this year.