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No experience @Aaron Williams, but Tyler and I discussed this on one of the LL live learnings (probably on the site somewhere). It struck me as he moved towards a role-based defensive transition scheme that the system was morphing into a MUZ-y sort of hybrid. That might be the result of roles-base trans meeting the pack-line underpinnings of Tyler’s iteration of left-bias D, but that certainly seemed to be where it’s going. For what it’s worth, I’m not yet sold on this transition scheme. still working on it.

You might want to look at Dave Smart’s left-bias principles. Maybe there will be something there to spark your thinking.

all that said, I’m not sure what you gain by going MUZ. LL is great defensive scheme, with very few holes and lots of positive intangibles. I put it in this year to great success. #lockleftnation