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@Nate Wade Hi Nate. We put in lock left last season and definitely had some good things happen but also had our struggles. I think this defense is definitely a very TEAM oriented defense. If you have good buy in and everyone is doing their job I definitely think that this defense could work for a team that’s not quite as athletic. It seems to me that positioning is possibly more important that athleticism (although some level of athleticism is required). If you have players that have good bball IQ and are committed to the positioning that comes with the LL then it could be successful. 

Like people talked about above, each defense gives up something. We did give up more straight line drives. If everyone is in the positions they are supposed to be in then LL can handle this. The trouble comes when you get players either who are not fully bought in or just are having a hard time understanding the positioning. I think our problem was a little of both but going into our 2nd season of running it I am optimistic that we can really make this defense work for our team. 

So, if you have smart & bought in players, I think this could work for your team. Good luck!