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Sorry @Nelson Handel, just checking back in after a while.Maybe you already had your informal zoom call?  @Mark Jarram obviously has the most experience with this. In our half a season utilizing it, I am sold on it! it was so easy to implement. Each offensive player tags a defender, and kind of waits to see where the rebound comes. if it is coming their way, now it is a 50/50 battle (scrum) for the ball. If their check leaks out for a fast break, then they continue to “tag” them so they are automatically guarding anyone leaking out. No player should be running free. Now it doesn’t matter who has the “back responsibility” because no one does. they just have to tag their check.

Against Zone Defenses this is a bit trickier on the leak outs. We taught sending all 5 to the glass, but in reality it almost always turned into at least 3 and maybe 4? shooters sometimes have a hard time tagging…

Also, because we are basically “pinning” our check towards the basket, we want our players to tip the ball backwards if they can’t grab it. 

we also press, so it allows us to put immediate pressure on the ball – getting steals or tie-ups for jump balls (as no one has to worry about getting back to their guy or spot). we just guard who you tag and fix it on the way back or other end. 

we literally spent about 15 min to install and then we practiced it for like 5 min each day, but emphasized it in all our small-sided games and scrimmages – and that was the extent of it. 

here is a quick video of our first 2 games we installed it – http://www.hudl.com/v/2DtEQg

(we won the first game, but we couldn’t make shots in the 2nd game and ended up losing in a close one — but we had plenty of 2nd chance shots.). we went 14-6 on the season. we run read & react with 2-side fastbreak, but are essentially a drive-and-kick, paint-or-three team. we averaged 57 ppg, and shot 144/507 (28% from 3 overall, but our main four starters were 118/323 – 36.5%)