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Not marketing here, but my friend Chris Oliver has partnered with Aaron Fearne, who devised this system, and is offering a video course and webinar with Aaron, if you’re interested. Passing along the info:


If you purchase, you get exclusive, rare and unique bonus access to Aaron Fearne. Can you image buying a coaching video and than getting exclusive access to ask that coach questions? I can’t. Until now. 

These exclusive videos provide you access to watch Coach Fearne teach his offensive rebounding, and defensive transition, systems to a high school team. You will learn how he teaches the Tagging Up System from installation to implementation. Besides sharing the terminology and philosophy behind the system, Coach Fearne teaches progressions from 2-on-2 to 5-on-5.

Get immediate access. Improve your offensive rebounding and defensive transition. Create more scoring opportunities.

I know you will love this.