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Thanks Nelson!  I really appreciate it!  I am so pumped!!!! 

I have always found myself leaning towards offense that really pushes the ball in transition. I like to allow for some player reading and teach them more how to play off each other rather than a bunch of sets.  I know when I played we had a million sets and it always bored me in practice and then we rarely used all of them.  So, now I find myself leaning towards offenses that have basic principles/rules and focus more on allowing players to make decisions.  However, is that too much for high school girls?  They tend to not play as much as boys in our area, and I worry that might be too much to try and teach.  We ran a version of read and react with boys and it worked well, but I am just not sure how it translates to girls.  So, I guess the short answer is I love developing players into great decision makers and allowing them to play without as much structure when possible, but always teaching them to have great spacing.

I feel like I am rambling haha.  I love talking basketball and I am so grateful for your willingness to help me get started! I hope to pay it forward someday!