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I love dog thoughts. ?

You’ve called out a great spot for me to drill down on. thanks. Some of this is shorthand for already defined communication:

1) “Giving reminders” is a PGC staple I’ve taught from day one.

2) “Asking 1 thing” I imagined as an active engagement with Coach on the Hudl platform, which would demonstrate to me that they were actively engaging with film to some degree (a POE for me this year).

3) I didn’t think of “challenging…” as a communication piece (meant it performatively), but you’re exactly right that communication should be a part of it.

I appreciate your feedback on this work in progress. I’m also thinking about how to increase the amount of actionable, performative elements that can be more easily tracked (without increasing complexity or length), per @Sam Allen‘s suggestion. I’m hoping to refine this until each element is a foundational key to unlocking a whole lot of desirable behaviors.

Input welcome! Thanks!