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On 6/26/2020 at 4:40 PM, Justin Gerstung said:

i need to put in action, right now I am just in motion.

Love this.

The part I didn’t share before is a “question tree” I developed to teach it in discussion. I feel if I can’t boil a teaching like this down to a 15 discussion, it’s too complicated to be useful. Since you brought it up, it looks like this (still WIP):


  •    1.  What is competition?

    •    A.  Wooden quote
  •    2.  What is a Competitor?

    •    A.  Distill Responses
    •    B.  Offer Team definition
  •    3.  what is “Locked in” during a game?

    •    A.  How often?
    •    B.  Dead ball?
    •    C.  Soft transition (jog back)?
    •    D.  WS offense?
    •    E.  Different during playoffs? End of game? Start of game? Behind? Ahead?
  •    4.  How do you train that? (key question)
  •    5.  What is it to be “wide open” in a game (or life)?

    •    A.  Why aren’t we “wide open” all the time?

      •    a.  Vulnerable, chaos of life.
    •    B.  How would you train that?
    •    C.  What would it look like to be wide open more often? (When possible in life?)
  •    6.  What is it to be “hungry for the moment”?

    •    A.  Physically?

      •    a.  Health? Nutrition/energy? Preparation? Stance?
    •    B.  Mentally?

      •    a.  (Emotionally? Attitudinally?)
  •    7.  When have you been “hungry for the moment”?

    •    A. how can we train this?
  •  8.  What kind of “triggers” or “reminders” would help us be more competitive more often?