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Not knowing your players makes it difficult. I’ve always heard two things about the WHY of offense (and I’ll bet @TJ Rosenecan drop some dimes on this): 1) coach what you know and love; and 2) Put your players in positions to be successful. I’ve been a R&R coach for 9 years or so because it allows me to do both. I know it well (although always learning more), but more importantly, it’s flexible enough for me to adapt to my personnel. Last year, we were guard dominant, and ran the R&R almost like DDM, with lots of drive-and-kick. This year, I’ll have a big, tough inside core and am planning running the R&R out of a 1-4 High and Horns set to get more 3 out/2 in with screening actions. But that’s just me.

If you like to play fast, and have the depth and athleticism to do it, I’d look at Mike Neighbors’ “Functionally Fast” approach at Arkansas. Like the R&R, it’s very player-decision driven, but is all about quick possessions and early transition shots.

As to the LockLeft, I loved it this year and am sticking with it, but I am always asking myself how much can I put in at once? Most of what i run challenges the way kids have played all their lives, so I tend to introduce them one-by-one. But higher-skill teams can absorb more, and more quickly. With a new team or program, I tend to stick with whatever defense they know and teach the R&R 1st. When they’ve gone through the growing pains and are having success with that, I introduce my defensive principles. But everyone is different in this, I know.

I’d love to hear how other coaches approach this stage of analysis! thanks for the thread.