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I know that it may not fit exactly in this category but I believe THE CULTURE CODE by Daniel Coyle is fantastic for developing leaders and a culture for your leaders to be successful in it.  I am working my way through it for the third time.

Also in a little different area, but there is a TED talk called ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ by Brene Brown.  It spoke to me a lot about some aspects of leadership that may not be so obvious.  I have had several young ladies that were good leaders for me start with this.

@Sam Allen Lead for God’s Sake is a great book!  Everyone should read it at some point.  

I am a history guy so George Washington Leadership by Richard Brookhiser really spoke to me.  There is a chapter that talks about the army retreating across a narrow bridge while being attacked and soldiers had written home about how Washington was on horseback above everyone else like a statue until every soldier retreated!  Courage under fire!