@Jared GillilandThis is a really good discussion. I think practice is like the game of basketball, a lot of ways to go about it and they can all be successful.  Time management for me would be a challenge without at least a time guideline. I am like @Nelson Handel I could get hung up on  a particular area and spend too much time on it trying to get it perfected. I make out a timed practice plan to try and stay on track. I like @Gregg Feddes I prioritize  segments of practice.

Listening to Chris Oliver’s podcast really got my wheels turning about practice and the disconnect that occurs. He was talking about the carry over value from drills and skills work to the game. My team definitely experienced a big disconnect when carrying over practice to the game. I would like to hear your thoughts about this type of format for practice.  I have always did my build up drills and fundamentals and breakdown drills early in practice and built them up to playing basketball. After listening to Chris Oliver, I am thinking about after about 2-3 weeks of practice to get fundamentals polished and team strategies installed. Then coming into practice 20 minutes of stretching non negotiable drills (shooting, fundamentals, BDT etc..) then a 20 min segment of 5 on 5 LIVE. Then drills and skills based on performance that day, then back to another 5 on 5 segment to try and improve carry over. Then move to emphasis for practice etc…I would like to hear thoughts on this, or if someone has or does lay their practices out this way.