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Thank you for sharing insight into your coaching situation and being vulnerable with the challenges you are experiencing.

I enjoyed reading Nelson and Kristen-your messages as well.

I look at it as females coaching males in sport is no different than teaching in the classroom. It’s different b/c it’s not a social norm even though there are now female NBA and NCAA MBB coaches as well as female referees.

I think there may be some initial adjustment but ultimately people see the skills and the work and respect it. Its sounds like that has taken place for you Ruth so that’s a testament to your coaching ability and relationships with your players. Snaps to that.

We had a female coach for our 14U BCB boys program here and I think there was initial curiosity from parents and players. However, this female coach earned the respect just like a male coach did. I never heard from a parent or player about it as the head of our organization…first time we had done it so I was curious if it would come up.

One thing that comes to mind to this topic and any related topic…if you feel like there is an elephant in the room or could be, either address it or seek out a couple of players or parents feedback on what some behind the scenes discussion may be happening as to you being a female coach…and get insight so you can speak even stronger or more informed to what’s being said. I think speaking boldly and courageously to it could help even more in establishing your leadership (and sounds like you have or are doing this already). I also look at this discussion similar when I hear ignorant dialogue that suggests a coach can’t be a good coach unless they were a good player…we know this is completely not true. Or NBA coaches that didn’t play in the NBA don’t understand NBA players or a college coach couldn’t understand the NBA game or a HS coach can’t coach in College. There is no basis. People are people and relationships are relationships. Coaching is Coaching and competence is competence. That would mean Geno had no business coaching UCONN or Jenny Boucek doesn’t belong with the Mavs or Bil Belichick can’t be NFL coach b/c he played D3 college football….the list goes on and on.

Ruth, glad to see you are pursuing your passion and making an impact. And we are excited as a key5 community to be alongside you.


Grow the game,