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You do not wrestle with that alone @Ryan Robie  Our  boys coach says it best, quoting scripture, Matthew 6:24, “No one can serve two masters.”  Leaves a lot to interpretation, but I believe I get his point. Therefore, he has a culture pyramid, of things to be devoted to with explanation of each.  Much like Wooden’s but he built it himself with help of former players. My point is this: You probably talk about things daily, put those things on paper, define them, memorize them, and live them out. 

When I was a head coach at my previous school, I have a culture wall in our locker room with the things we were about in the program. Discipline, toughness, etc. Had them on the ball in larger letters so everyday they saw them, consciously or unconsciously.  Then we visited one of them each week or multiple words if needed. 

Just a few of my thoughts. 

And agree with Sam, could have a lengthy discussion on this. I am game anytime!