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Wow these are all great. I’m sorry I’m late to the party.

Top 3 Health Books:

1 . Breath – James Nestor: Just finished. If you can change how you breathe you may just change your life. Don’t have time for the book? – Add some nose-breathing and breathing exercises to your life. They have helped me tremendously. ?️?️?️

2. Genius Foods – Max Lugavere:  (He also has a new book) The science behind what foods are doing to your body. I realized when I have the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ I’m much more prone to take action. Don’t have time for the book?-  Follow Max on Instagram. ????

3. Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker:: Another lifestyle changer. The Jist – The last hours are the most important. This should be a lifestyle pillar for a more productive, happy, impactful life. Great life tip to pass on to your family members and players as well. Don’t have time for the book? – Get some sleep! ?


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