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LOL on the better coach comment, @Nelson Handel 

I can’t answer them–and like you mentioned–experience is a great teacher. 

Okay, so here’s another question to consider… Nelson we’ve had talks in the past about my situation — 3/4 of my team is R/R savvy, 1/8 doesn’t have much experience but their basketball IQ is great, and 1/8 doesn’t quite understand how to play the game without a script. 

I’m wondering this (and obviously you can tell where I’m leaning)—- would it be better to rehearse a few set “plays” or “actions” with a team that may not be as well versed from top to bottom in the R/R. 

I’m thinking actions and here’s my WHY…. I believe that if I give them a script/plays then it will slow their mental growth and hinder their confidence to play the game without being told what to do and when to do it. It’s a weird balance I’m working on this year. Next year–no problem… but this year…. let’s just say I’m trying to focus on getting the SCIENCE part in line…. because I’m  going to have to “out art” everyone else to be competitive.