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I had this conversation with TJ once, and brought up the “limiting” nature of scripted plays. The magic of the R&R is the freedom it gives players to create and play. It develops habits, rather than “mental growth” (I don’t want my players thinking too much). I think that freedom is more important than scripted plays.

I’ll probably be 60/40 with players who know the R&R this year (had no good JV coach last year, so kids coming up are starting from scratch). My planned approach is to R&R with everyone, making sure that the new kids understand that they need to throw themselves into learning the system if they want to see meaningful minutes on the floor. Then, I’ll quickly press forward with my returnees, introducing our sets. I don’t want to slow down forward progress any more than i have to. I think I can go with my returnees as starters for a while while everyone catches up.

Of course, I’m fully prepared to eat these words ?