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Attacking a Hard Hedge

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    Looking for a couple quick hitters that we could use as an ATO against a team that hard hedges ball screens. Does anyone have any that they really like? Thanks!


    @Kristen Rogers – we run a simple simple set we call “Hold”. It is a spread ball screen, with our best shooter in the strong side corner. Our PG will come off and swing it slot to slot off the ball screen and we simply read the tag man. Our big will spring diagonally to the opposite block to make sure we cut in front of, and put pressure on the tag man. Tag in = throw it, and vice versa. The key is to attack the top hip of the hedge and swing the ball as quickly as you can. You will either get a wide open corner three, or a mismatched post catch. 

    Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 2.10.49 PM.png



    I also love anything spain action vs hard hedge to delay that big in getting back to the rolling 5. Simple way could be roll and replace with your 2 in the rim, 5 setting a high ball screen and back-screening his roll with your two before popping top of key. 


    @Kristen Rogers great question. @Dave Nedbalek great response.  

    I love to be intentional to try and draw a. foul out of TO’s 



    Great stuff Dave.

    In addition to that, Kristen, I would look at middle ball screen with quick slip, getting the ball out of trap and having that screener make a 4 on 3 decision. Consider putting a good decision maker/playmaker as that screener 


    Simple but I think effective


    Thanks everyone. Some great ideas here. 


    Hey Kristen,


    I love the responses above and that is a great stuff @Dave Nedbalek! Thanks for the set. I too love Spain actions. I agree with @Sam Allen, and love the idea of seeing the hedge as a player advantage opportunity, and then having my players make a read. I think too often the player with the ball gets intimidated when they see a hard hedge.

    I emphasize being patient attacking the hard hedge,  and with the Spain action in the middle with different wrinkles out of it – you can back-screen, or instead of the back-screen we have done a flare off a screen from the wing, or the big coming off of the back-screen he could pop and the back screener could reseal in the lane.

    The key to me regardless of the offense is that I try to get across to my teams is that the defense has already put themselves at a disadvantage by putting 2 on the ball, so with any offense, our question is how can we maximize the advantage for our team, and keep 2 defenders on the ball for as long as possible (unless there is a quick slip like stated above etc.), so in you’re in a situation playing 4 on 3 with a 7 or a 9 shot! 



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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