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    I have a team that players a triangle and two on us.  We are a small school and I have only two people that can really score at anytime.  Need help on getting them open so that they can have opportunity’s to score.

    Joe Gonzalez

    hi michael,

    i would say your best bet is to coach up your other 3 players, or at least one of them and see if they can do some scoring?

    i actually tried the triangle and two in a playoff game a few years back, and that’s what happened to me — a 3rd player stepped up and scored a bunch, or became enough of a threat that it allowed the other 2 guys to crash the boards and get offensive rebound putbacks.

    just a thought


    Jared Gilliland

    If someone runs a triangle and 2 defensively, I have always simply run my man actions and/or use the two being guarded closely as screeners. The best thing is to be able to use something your team is familiar with in the first place, just may require different reads now!

    The same thing for Box and 1, force them into a 1-2-2 and run my offense against a 1-2-2. Just my thoughts!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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