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Best Books on Leadership

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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m curious to know what you think are some of the best books on leadership.

    There are two leadership books I love that we have recently made required reading at PGC for our staff: 

    Leadership and Self-Deception:
    Outward Mindset:

    I look forward to hearing your recommendations.



    Thanks for sharing Mano!

    I would add 2 older ones but important ones for coaching that helps coaches get more clear on their purpose and their true “WHY”

    1) Lead for God’s Sake by Todd Gongwer

    2) Inside Out Coaching by Joe Erhmann


    Great recommendations Sam!


    @Mano Watsa … appreciate the share and two book recommendations.  Two I hadn’t heard of so look forward to adding them to the reading list.

    Question for you – You have made them required reading for PGC directors or for all staff and athletes?  And secondly, can you share specifically why you made them required reading?  What stood out for you to do that?


    Hey Mark,

    My pleasure…and welcome to the forum! We make it required reading for our PGC staff, because they are the best two books I know of that reflect our PGC culture. I was stunned when I read each one, as I’ve never found any materials or books that unpack what we’ve attempted to create at PGC. 


    Hello all,

    I enjoy reading leadership books here a few that I would highly recommend:

    1. Above the line: Lessons in Leadership by: Urban Meyer

    2. Character Carved in Stone by: Pat Williams

    3. You Win in the Locker Room First: The 7 C’s to Build a Winning Team in Business, Sports, and Life by: Jon Gordon and Mike Smith

    4. Books by John Maxwell

    5. Books by Jon Gordon



    Thanks for the great suggestions coaches, 

    Many outstanding books already mentionned, here are a couple I would add

    1. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

    2. Getting to us by Seth Davis 

    3. The score takes care of itself by Bill Walsh 

    PS this is Hugo Boisvert, don’t know why my name isn’t showing up on my profile and no idea how to change it haha, HELP ?



    Thanks for sharing….I’ve read Seth Davis book…listened to Jocko speak on Extreme Ownership and read his other book “Discipline is Freedom” but haven’t read that one yet….I still have Bill Walsh book on the list…hate to admit I haven’t read it yet


    I know that it may not fit exactly in this category but I believe THE CULTURE CODE by Daniel Coyle is fantastic for developing leaders and a culture for your leaders to be successful in it.  I am working my way through it for the third time.

    Also in a little different area, but there is a TED talk called ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ by Brene Brown.  It spoke to me a lot about some aspects of leadership that may not be so obvious.  I have had several young ladies that were good leaders for me start with this.

    @Sam Allen Lead for God’s Sake is a great book!  Everyone should read it at some point.  

    I am a history guy so George Washington Leadership by Richard Brookhiser really spoke to me.  There is a chapter that talks about the army retreating across a narrow bridge while being attacked and soldiers had written home about how Washington was on horseback above everyone else like a statue until every soldier retreated!  Courage under fire!


    @ROBERT BRUNK Culture Code-great read….as well as the Talent Code by Coyle

    My mom gave me Brene Brown’s book a year ago…haven’t gotten to it yet but this encouragement will maybe get me on it.

    Thanks Robert!


    Along with the excellent recommendations already given,  I would add:

    1. “Why the best are the best” Kevin Eastman

    2. “An impractical guide to becoming a transformational leader” Jamie Gilbert

    3. “Legacy” James Kerr

    “Burn your goals” and “Chop wood, Carry water” by Joshua Medcalf aren’t necessarily leadership books but are great reads for coaches/athletes


    Everyone needs to read Inside Out Coaching. It really inspired me to change how I lead. 


    Book Clubs cause me to get 10x more out of a book than reading it alone. 

    If you spend 20 hours reading a book it will only take you a total of 22 hours to read and discuss that book with a group. 

    2 more hours, more than double the value, no brainer. #cheatcode


    another book I would recommend coaches is titled “Start with Why”-by Simon Sinek


    @ROBERT BRUNKThe Culture Code and The Talent Code are amazing reads, must haves for teachers and coaches. Thanks for the recommendation, Robert.   

    A book that is an old one but still a go too for me:  WOODEN A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court by Steve Jamison. This book has helped me handle a lot of situations that all coaches and leaders face during a season. I have several passages marked in this book that I read to my teams through out the year depending on the need. I have several books about John Wooden but this is my favorite.

    I look forward to diving into the some of the books that have been mentioned on here after my season ends.

    Thanks to everyone who has shared on this topic.

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