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    I’m preparing for our summer basketball camp and I was wondering what you did for fun camp competitions.  
    In the past I have done a daily FT, mikkan, and hot shot contest and given the winner a gatorade at the end of the week.   
    I was looking for some new contests to do this summer. I have a HS session, MS Session and grades 1-6 session. 
    I appreciate anything you are able to offer.

    @Katie WoolseyWoolsey for younger players I did a few timed competitions: created a ball handling course (slalom, speed dribbling, abrupt direction changes, jump stops, retreats etc) which finished with a made layup. Shortest time wins. It was one of their favourites & often requested. There is lots you can do if you’re a creative thinker.

    Along similar lines, create a speed & Agility course with ladders, Agility rings, hurdles, depth jumps etc.. Fastest through wins. Again, very popular! Plus, wee guys love helping setting it up & breaking it down. 

    You could ring the changes with the Agility course by putting in stations: wall passing (target, through chairs or just x number), shooting (must score before moving on or x time elapses without a score, on they go), a ball handling slalom, etc.. The sky is the limit. 

    Again for primary players, we put targets on the wall (at Halloween, used pictures of monsters) and they had to count how many on target passes they made in a set time. You can create different stations of varying difficulty, pass types, distance or you can have them have to pass through obstacles (two chairs, under a folding table kind of thing). 

    A shooting competition with designated shooting spots each with differing values – have a variety, with more spots they can shoot from in a set time. It’s interesting to see strategies – lots of low value shots or going for riskier high value. Player with highest score wins. 

    A team shooting competition one: first team has x time to shoot or x shots per player. A cone is put at the spot where a successful basket was made. 2nd team follows same format (time or x shots per player). They have to shoot from the cones. If it’s a make, cone is removed. 2nd team attempting to clear all the cones. Run again with the 2nd team going first this time. If it is a tie, they designate a FT shooter from each team. Whoever makes the 1st FT wins for the team. If they both miss, 2 new players chosen by their teams & so on. My guys really love resolving ties this way – the gym becomes really loud and full of energy! 

    Another team one is first team to make 7 FTs in a row wins or most successive FTs in x time. Ties settled as above. Or if both teams get 7 in a row at the same time, then most successive makes in x time decides the win. 

    A team passing/ball protection in the half ct: team has to take care of the ball for 30 seconds without deflections or steals. Or whichever team can manage it the longest wins. 

    Sorry, think I deviated from what you were looking for. Hope this helps a bit. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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