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Championship fever

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    Not sure if this belongs here or in Culture, but wanted to share…

    Had 1st practice to begin postseason yesterday. Started with Monty Williams quote, “everything you want in life, everything worth doing, lives on the other side of Hard.” Spoke about sacrifice, the pressures of finals, AP tests, graduation, how we had to manage all of that on our quest for a championship. Dig in. Go hard. Blah, blah, blah. Typical approach, what, in any other year, probably sounded like wisdom going into a single elimination tourney with the year on the line.

    Had a terrible practice. Tried to add to our defense, but kids couldn’t replicate the basics of it, things they’ve done a million times in games already. Came home feeling like s*#t. It all felt wrong, like the wrong message at the wrong time. I mean, what’s the point of this season? We have a real shot to win a ‘ship, but at the end of the day, is that what we will take away, whether we have hardware or not?

    It was old muscles, my own crap from years ago, taking hold of my better angels. 

    Today, I posted this to our team chat:

    Hey guys, I was thinking about practice yesterday. Maybe I got us off on the wrong foot. The MOST IMPORTANT thing for this postseason is that you enjoy yourselves. I understand how much pressure you guys are under, finishing up the year, tests, etc. Basketball shouldn’t be an additional burden; it should be a release.

    Let’s have fun, play our asses off, and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe it’s a championship; maybe it’s just the chance to play a few more games together. Being together this spring, balling with you guys, has been the best part of the year so far. Let’s continue to make that the priority. That’s the ultimate win.


    Today, I’m all-in on what I think is important, city championship be damned. This year especially, but perhaps, now, every year to come, I’m staying completely invested in the experience of my kids. And not because I don’t care about wins, or hardware, but because I think that’s the best way to get them.

    And if we don’t? It will still be a win.



    Love it! Current read for me is “The Inner game of Tennis”, a big take away is that to preform we need to get our judge mental side out the way, and let our body do what it knows how to do. Which is what you have allowed your players to do, play free together. Enjoy the ride!!



    @Adrian Millsthat’s a phenomenal book. Coach @Nelson Handel I appreciate you sharing this and renewing your perspective. Shows a lot of growth and maturity. Thanks for helping remind us to keep our heads on straight. Good luck, you make sure you enjoy yourself too. (My soccer team won our state sectional title this year with EXACTLY that ‘one more day together’ mentality. Outcomes aside, they just wanted to keep playing and being together, and so did I). Sounds like you guys are that way too. enjoy it! 


    Congratulations Kelli 

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