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Current Civil Unrest

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    I want to give a shout out to the Key 5 and PGC leadership teams.  I just read the email sent out by PGC and have been following all the coaches on Twitter.  I think it is great to see them use their platform to teach understanding.  I truly believe PGC, Key 5 and all basketball coaches have a huge chance to help the youth of America, and the world, better understand the mistakes made in the past.  I am not posting this for any political reason, I just think what they are doing is great and see the opportunity all basketball coaches have to make a difference.  I am posting my reply to them just because the email sparked something in me to write them back.  I hope everyone is safe, well and reaching out to their loved ones during these uncertain days.  


    Email Reply:

    PGC Leadership,

    Beautifully said and thank you for putting something out.  Between this and the info/thoughts that the PGC leadership has expressed on twitter you are showing why you are a top notch organization with a different agenda than just making money.  The PGC camp had a big effect on me in 1995 when I attended the camp with Dick.   That is why I sought you out, online, when my daughter started playing basketball.  Your camps touch so many kids, at an impressionable age, and you can really be a game changer in this fight for understanding and equality.  As a white man I will never fully understand the atrocities that have been done to people of color.  I will try though and try to show my children what is wrong in this world.  Thank you again for putting this info out there and keep up the good work.  I really believe your organization, through basketball, will show the nations youth what true north really is.


    Chris Guandalini

    PGC Graduate – Class of 1995


    Great job by TJ and Adam on the Hardwood Hustle pod with Micah Hayes on social justice.  Definitely listen and learn.


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