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    Hey everyone,

    Glad to be a Key5 member!   I’m from Kingston which is right in the middle of Toronto and Ottawa.  I coach 4 teams every year, run other sports programs during and after school plus organize a yearly basketball tournament.  I coach two teams at my school which is K to grade 6 ,and a couple at the school down the road where most of our grads go,  and coach their grade 7 and 8s.  I was really looking forward to having a great season and applying everything I’ve learned about so far especially the culture aspect and lockleft defence, but unfortunately all the teachers up here are on strike which means no sports.  I’m hopeful that the strike will be over before the younger kids start their season in March.  In the meantime I’ve been able to coach my son’s house league team and have been spending some of the time I would have coaching, on developing his skills and love for the game.

    I love Key5 and all it has to offer.  Being able to access the live learnings whenever is very convenient to me.  

    Shout out to the whole KEY5 team for putting this website, and all the amazing videos together.  Also shout to out to everyone using the forum, asking questions on here and during those live learning videos too.

    I also have 3 crazy kids who make it hard to get things done sometimes so I apologize for any errors lol

    Much love,

    Jay Melbourne


    Welcome Jay!  As a fellow Canuck, a parent impacted by strikes, married to a teacher who belongs to ETFO and living down the road outside of London – I feel your winter pain!  I am glad that you are able to still spend time on the court with your son’s team.  Love to hear that you are enjoying your membership!


    Welcome to the Forum Jay….Appreciate you opening up and sharing about yourself.

    Sounds like you have a full plate and are getting after it. Glad Key5 is serving and as always please let us know anything specific that connects well with you or want to see more of to address your current coaching needs and curiosity.

    Grow the game,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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