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    Hello fellow Coaches!

    My name is Chris and I am a 42 year old #girldad, husband and insurance agent from Branford Connecticut.  I am new to youth coaching as I didn’t start coaching till last year when my very athletic 9 year old daughter, 8 at the time, finally decided she wanted to play a sport.  Luckily for me it was basketball.  As I got to step back into the gym with her and coach her and other girls I fell back in love with the sport I had loved so much growing up.  When I was getting into learning and relearning about the game it hit me to look and see if I could find the guy who ran the best basketball camp I ever went to.  Yes, I was lucky enough to attend PGC with Dick Devenzio in the summer of 1995 at Bryant College in RI.  It was like no other camp I had ever went to before.  I learned so much coming back for my senior year in high school.  I just wish I could have gone years before.  I was very sad to see he passed away at such a young age.  I was hoping to reach out and say thank you and continue to learn from him.  So I am here to learn from everyone here and soak in as much as possible as I learn about coaching the game a better way.  I am looking to revamp our towns girls youth basketball program also but I am sure that will be an uphill battle but I am ready for it.  I am looking forward to finding my coaching voice and style.  Also, hopefully passing along my love and enjoyment of basketball to the kids.  

    Thanks for listening,




    That’s a great story. Thank you for sharing. I would love to hear about your experience with Dick at PGC from 25 years ago.

    Glad life has circled back and now you are coaching and in our Key5 community.

    Let’s get better. I hope to see you on our Live Learning today at 12 noon.





    Coach Chris,

    We are excited to have you in the Key5 community.  What a fantastic journey you have made, Key5 is really going to provide you the tools to assist you as you reshape the program.  

    Looking forward to getting to know through LIve Learnings, clinics and forums through Key5.  




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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