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    I’d like to take a moment to celebrate my u14s, u16s and u18s Boys. At Halloween they talked about loneliness and decided to donate Jack o’ Lanterns they carved to a nursing home since they were folk who had been separated from family and friends since March. 

    This month the talking point was gratitude. Whilst it truly has been a year that has called for fortitude across the board and has been challenging, we wanted to take time out to recognise amidst all of that and a 4 wk lock down starting Boxing Day that we still had so much for which to be thankful. Others undoubtedly have had it much harder than our wee community. 

    The boys decided to show their gratitude by bringing in small donations (£5 max spend) for a Gratitude Hamper to be donated to the same nursing home. 

    I was blown away by their generousity. Players came in with bags full of donations – saying that they only spent £5 on each donation in the bag! A number spent their own money and others brought in donations from friends outwith the club. 

    We dropped it off at the nursing home and the staff were so thankful for the boys thoughtfulness, telling us how lonely these folk were and few would otherwise have had gifts other than from the care home. 

    The boys response: ‘Could we visit them after the pandemic?’!! 

    I’m celebrating the heck out of them. 


    This is great Ruth.


    I celebrate your intentionality in coaching and growing your players.


    Gratitude is an unbelievable gift to teach others how to practice and live out.




    sweet. they must have a great coach.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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