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    Nate Wade here from St Johns, Michigan. I’m a Hoosier born and raised, but married a Michigan girl with a great family–so here I am in the frozen tundra ?

    I’ve gone to PGC (point guard college) one time in Indianapolis with Rudy and Chad (amazing experience), and after talking with Sam I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. This type of community that’s based around things I believe in — fueled by positivity and love — you’re my people! 

    I’m really looking forward to working with everyone. 


    Hello Coach Nate,


    Welcome to the Key5 community!  It’s great to hear that  you had such a positive experience at PGC with Ruday and Chad.  We hope you have had the opportunity to catch some of the outstanding interviews on Courtside.  

    Nate, I’m looking forward to meeting you. 




    Nate! Great to have you with us. That like-mindedness you referenced is definitely something we crave and are passionate about fueling in our Key5 community. –Great basketball with great impact.

    Looking forward to connecting.



    We welcome you with big open arms into the Key5 Family!

    Let’s keep getting better.

    Would love to hear some of the specific takeaways you have had up to this point. And we are always open to feedback on things you want to see more of, less of or we should start doing that we aren’t currently doing.

    Grow the game,



    Thanks guys!

    So far my takeaways are truly endless. I’m loving the community. The conversations that are happening/will continue to happen are incredibly valuable. I’m already in conversations on Tyler’s #LockLeft board about how/if/when  I could/should implement this with my new team.  

    It’s just super helpful to be talking to like-minded coaches who prioritize more than Ws and Ls. 

    I’m already booked for the coaching clinic on Aug 14/15 and am hoping to bring a few people down with me. 

    I also just got an email looking for information  about hosting a PGC Fall Shooting College–which I’m extremely grateful for and hopeful that our facilities can be of service!



    Nate we are glad to have you as a part of the Key5 family! 


    Nate, Hello my name is Aaron Williams and I am also a Hoosier in a different part of the country.  I was born and raised in Portland Indiana and played at Jay County High School and went on to play at Grace College in Winona Lake Indiana many moons ago.  I am currently coaching in Abingdon Virginia and have been in Virginia the last 23 years.  What part of Indiana are you from?


    @Aaron Williams  

    I’m from Southern Indiana…. you know… Bob Knight country lol

    I went to Eastern High School in Pekin, Indiana. The closest big city there would be Jeffersonville (right across from Louisville KY). 

    Virginia, hu? You’ve got my favorite D1 coach there with Tony B. You a fan of him/do you still hold allegiance to the Hoosiers like myself?


    Glad to have some more Indiana blood.


    I’m still holding my allegiance with the Hoosiers but for me the culture of college basketball has really changed.  Back in Bobby’s day he had kids from Indiana, Ohio and Illinois and that was pretty much it.  I am pulling for Archie and I like he is recruiting the Indiana kids.  Now I find myself pulling for the game and the coaches that I think are good for the game.  I love Tony Bennett but I was a big fan of his father Dick Bennett.  Their team’s play so disciplined and tough.  Funny how the two have different approaches but get their teams to play pretty similar.  Dick Bennett is a devout Catholic and Tony is a Southern Baptist (Ha).   

    I haven’t heard of Eastern High School, do you play East Central?  When I was in school we actually played Jeffersonville and they had a player named Paris Bryant that was a great player coached by a guy named Mark Bixler.  I played against Joe Luce in High School and I think he is coaching down in there somewhere now.  


    @Aaron Williams I’m the same as you with pulling for “the game” in a sense–but still holding true to my Hoosier Hysteria Hopes ?

    Eastern is in Washington County. We never played East Central, but we played Clarksville, Washington, Mitchell, Salem, Charlestown, schools like that. 

    I think you’re right I believe Luce is at Jeff. 

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