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    I celebrate our behind-the-scenes team members Sarita and Lisa for ALL their hard work and countless hours in bringing this new Key5 Coaching platform to life. I’m so excited about how this new platform and the new forum is going to strengthen our Key5 Coaching community


    Thanks Mano!


    Hey Guys.

    I have been studying the Lock Left defence ready for introduction to my high school team this coming season. The old platform had lots of layer implementation information and drills which does not appear to be accessible on the new platform. Have watched the new intro though which is good. can you tell me when more on this defence will become available or if I can access the previous stuff.

    Not sure if this is the way or section to use for this communication.


    Phil Austen


    Hi Philip,

    I am happy to say that it is going to be available really soon.  It was decided to use this opportunity to make a few tweaks.  Lisa is almost ready to post it again and it should be available in a few days.

    Thanks so asking,



    Terrific- excited

    Justin Gerstung

    I am celebrating the entire key5 team… the new courses are fire!!!!! 

    I am digging into the strategy assessment and finding that I really do have a lot of my bases covered, BUT  also finding that while I have surface awareness of the other areas, my true commitment to those areas are not as elite as I can make them.

    It is funny, because I coach at a smaller HS, and sometimes a lot of this stuff is beyond their age/stage… but I am a hope junkie, so I love it!!!

    I am glad to be part of this community and the PGC fam!

    Thanks again!!! #snaps


    We love having you as part of our community Justin!  Thanks for the feedback!


    Justin @Justin Gerstung

    love your passion for the game and for growing’s really awesome and inspires me.

    Helps remind us why we do what we do.


    Grow the game,


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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