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    Im looking for play diagramming software to be able to have plays so players can access either online or by printing them off,  looks like lots of options when I search wondered if anyone had any advice on which one would be easy to use and not to costly.

    Thanks Weston Carroll


    The only one that I have ever used is FastDraw by FastModel Sports. It is a yearly subscription, I can’t remember the exact price but it seems like it works out to around $120 or so a year. 

    There are some things that are cumbersome about drawing up your sets on a computer. I think it is easier to draw stuff up on an iPad but you have to pay extra for iPad use and it is not as easy to cycle through the menus on an iPad as it is on the PC.  

    Finding your plays can also be somewhat confusing. After you have saved them it just is not a real clean app and can make it difficult to cycle through to find what your are looking for. 

    The best thing about it is the end product. You can print off a very clean looking playbook that is nearly organized with any notes that you want to add on each frame. I do wish it was more user friendly though. 


    Hi @Weston Carroll I’ve also used FastDraw primarily, but we have just started using JustPlay with some of our Key5 stuff. It has some neat options. . Not overly promoting, more of sharing another option that’s out there for you. 


    @Lisa O’Meara I have been researching the JustPlay software. I haven’t used it yet but wanted to hear your thoughts about the software? Is it user friendly on ipads?


    I use coachBase on my iphone. easy to use, free, and i screen record the play which i then share privately with my team on Youtube. The girls seem to like how easy it is to look up a play. 



    @Steven Bingham Great question. With JustPlay you receive a login and you can use it on a variety a devices. (FastModel is more licensed based I believe).

    I haven’t tried JustPlay on an ipad, but they do have an app in the app store so it seems likely to function similar on a mobile device. And I believe it’s designed to be shared with your players on their mobile devices.

    Thanks @Kelli Josephsen CoachBase looks like an interesting option as well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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